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A new industrial revolution is underway.
This is an exciting time of opportunity.
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Our Vision

Artificial intelligence will redefine the entire business landscape and it will happen faster than any previous revolution before.

With revolution comes opportunity and risk. We are here to help you mittigate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a blanket term used to describe a range of underlying technologies that combined are able to achieve a cognitive-like level of computer analysis and action.

Technologies like machine learning, neural networks and a lot of other complex math, combined with huge quantities of data, work together to form models that mimick reality.

Those models can then be used in an incredible number of ways.

When you think of it, that’s kind of how your brain works too. You make your model of reality and then use that in life.

Thinking of it like that, you can also see the overwhelming potential for this technology.

The Economics of A.I.

Very much like the original industrial revolution, the current revolution powered by artificial intelligence will have a lasting impact on how businesses operate.

Only this time the impact will not be on the physical labour side of things, but on cognitive work. Artificial intelligence technology is able to perform both simple and complex tasks today.

However unlike the industrial revolution, this time the revolution is also digital one. And digital revolutions create cost structures that tend to zero, like with broadband and mobile phone networks.

Cognitive tasks that have trained succesful models can be executed at low to zero costs. Think about that.

This revolution is about being able to process cognitive tasks efficiently. About having the infrastructure for applying Artificial Intelligence inside your organisation.

At Enterprisemind we provide the A.I. infrastructure for your organisation so that you can take full advantage of these new economic realities today.

The Human Aspect

We like to call it ‘Humans First’ — This is something to keep in mind when looking at potential use cases for artificial intelligence. The goal of applied A.I. is not to eliminate human work, but much rather to free up human resources for more important and enjoyable work. Like dealing with other humans for instance. We believe that’s the real trade-off companies should be looking for when implementing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is a tool for the human mind, in the same way that the personal computer is a tool.

Steve Jobs said: "Computers are like bicycles for the mind." True words. In that same spirit artificial intelligence could be considered a Formula 1 car for our minds.

It allows us, humans first, to move forward incredibly fast.

The Potential

We are only at the very beginning of what’s possible. Even selfdriving cars, which are an amazing feat, are just an example of what we’ll see in the near future.

The potential for your business is decided by your willingness and speed in adopting this technology inside your business. If you do, we believe the opportunities are endless.

Please keep an eye on our ‘Publications’ where we’ll post inspiring examples of applied artificial intelligence.

We’d love to work with you to identify the opportunities within your organisation.

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